Breakfast update

I got some great ideas from some other moms out there, thank you everyone. My biggest problem is I’m not very good in the mornings and not up for a lot of work. I do have my mum coming over from England this week for a vacation so I am hoping that I will get a chance to try some of the more time-consuming ones (the ones that take more than 5 mins!) then. However, the small success we had were

my homemade bread – they loved this so some mornings they had peanut butter on toast

Oatameal, with applesauce and raisins – worked twice and then stopped working! I have to say though I love it and it is a new favourite of mine – the raisins just add something to it

honey grahams with cream cheese and either strawberries or raisins – they just scrapped the cream cheese and raisins off but hey it was something!

Ham and cream cheese torilla wraps(cut in small little wraps) – more of a lunch dish but hey it works for breakfast too

and when all else failed it was back to the bananas and apples…………not the worst breakfast in the world I’m sure

I still have more to try so watch this space and keep your ideas coming…………

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  1. All of those sound so yummy!

  2. These sound great! We may have to incorporate a few of these to try. Keep watch on my Menu Plans (and check my archives) for some other breakfast ideas.

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