Smart Habit Saturday

I haven’t been too great at my “habits” this week. I guess I was due a bad week after being so good last week, plus its that time of month which always makes me lose my way a bit.

1. Floss – whilst a habit I didn’t floss that much due to broken tooth this week

2. Looking after feet – not much this week, in fact I think I only did it once but that’s OK as I don’t need to do it that often any more. I would like to keep to a few nights a week though.

3. Drinking more water and one cup of milk daily – water OK but I don’t think I drank much milk at all this last week………..will have to pick this up again next week..though I have just brought a new blender so I can make some healthy shakes.

4. Eat 6 servings of fruit and veg a day – I sucked at this last week. I was getting so good too………

5. Give up sugar popcorn – I had sugar popcorn twice last week. I notice I am increasing again slowly. Will have to stop.

6. Write in my journal daily – not at all last week

7. To start baking my own bread instead of buying it – I didn’t bake any this week but I didn’t buy any either (still had some homemade left in the freezer)

8. Finding healthy, delicious, and filling breakfasts for my kids – mixed success – see last post

9. To continue writing food journal and start one for the kids – I continued with mine but haven’t started one for the kids yet

and for this week

10. I just need to go back over and put more effort into the “habits” I already have. This is a bit of a disappointment to me but I think I have my hands full already so i don’t want to overwhelmed myself and lose hope.

Thanks to the Lazy Organizer for hosting and good luck to everyone else this week….

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  1. I need to look after my feet too. during the summer they get so dry and cracked, I tend to walk barefoot outside. eww

  2. Dont get discouraged…. its probably good not to add another one if you’re feeling overwhelmed. Good luck this week!

  3. You’re allowed a bad week, esp during *that* week. Not adding more habits is a good thing to do once in a while. Have a good week!

  4. wow i am so impressed. Great job doing all the habits that you are. That is great…but to many could be a bit overwhelming too.

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