Potty Training

So Potty training has began again (sat morn)……………..

potty training bribes

You are looking at my bribery wall (try and ignore the horrible bathroom wallpaper – I know hard isn’t it!!). Charlie loves animals and he can have one when he pees in the potty. I can’t believe it but he hasn’t fallen for it yet. He is now in underwear but insists on wetting his pants instead of using the potty – it is going to be a long few months!!! I just don’t know what I am meant to do when he is refusing to use the potty/toilet. The “experts” say you can’t threat or punish so what am I meant to do??? Bribery doesn’t seem to be working so I guess for now, I will just continue doing what I am doing…. making him change his own wet clothes, clear up any mess and put his clothes in the clothes hamper nice and calmly. And take any sitting on the potty as a great achievement right now. Charlie is going to be so embarrassed when he reads this later on in life………and he deserves it hahahaha!!!

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  1. Hi honey, Have you tried just a star chart for this? Ella really loved being able to put her stickers (any kind seemed to do the trick!) on the chart that I made up. For a little extra bribery she got a tiny treat for having a poo (sorry!)It really did seem to help as she knew where the stickers were and they were the first things she wanted after having a wee. Bit more interactive maybe? Just an idea.
    Lots of luck mate, just remember to take deep breaths and count to ten – had to do this a lot with Ella!
    Take care.xxxx

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