End of Summer


Over at The Pumkin Patch she is holding a End of Summer Party where she is asking for everyone’s summer memories and there is even a prize! Whilst it doesn’t really feel that we have had much of a summer here (weather wise!) and my real summer vacation is coming up, a five day camping trip with my visiting mum and boyfriend , I still want to join in the fun and recap on what we have done so far this summer.

1. Outside at the water table and sandpit – I have had many hours (in total not at one time!) peace and quiet this summer due to these things (they are “almost” like babysitters to me LOL). I have managed to read, cook dinner, wash dishes and many other things due to my children’s love of these. Life is not going to be the same once they are put away for the winter.

2. Camping – We went on camping trips this summer for the first time ever and they were a huge success. I have posted all about them already so I won’t bore people but camping is definately a summer must for us now.

lola dirt

3. The local outdoor toddler pool – the weather hasn’t been that great this year to spend a lot of time there but I have been so grateful to my town for this pool on the times I have been. My kids love it and the toddler pool is fenced and they have a lifeguard, just for this small pool, which is awesome as going on your own with a one and two year is a handful!

charlie at the pool

4. The zoo – we have been many times this summer. A place where the kids and run and learn about lots of different things (and then sleep the long car ride home – so I get to enjoy some peace all the way home!).

charlie elephant

5. We are blessed to have a horse as a next door neighbour………the kids love him and we spent a lot of time there this summer, along with some nature walks.

feeding horse

6. Playing at the park and on the river bank

lola & charlie river bank

This is the highlights of my summer so far………………..with more to come hopefully.

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  1. don’t you just love camping with toddlers?? Oh, the dirt!!

  2. Did you sign up on my blog for my givewaway? It just said Toddler and there was no link back or an e-mail so I was wondering, would you come back and list that for me? If it is you. Thanks and good luck.

  3. Looks like you had a great summer! And great pictures for scrapping! 😉

  4. Sounds like a nice summer to me!

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