Lola update

lola & sand bucket

Lola now 18 months is quite the character. She has decided that she is too grown up for sippy cups and will usually only drink out of a proper cup. She, unlike her brother, loves to sit on the potty and is dying to be potty trained (I can only deal with one child at a time and I refuse to have my 18 month old potty trained before my three year old). Her favorite word being NO, she says no even when she means yes, so I guess no doesn’t always mean no, especially if you are only one! She says off when she means on (she gets this from her brother who says everything the wrong way round too) I can’t tell you how confusing this is for me, no means yes, sometimes, and on means off and off means on……….

She now sleeps in her own crib all night long though she does still wake a few times a night to be rocked back to sleep (usually by her father). I have cut down her breastfeeding a lot and now we are down to last thing at night, first thing in the morning and just before her afternoon nap…………I am happy with this and am in no rush to cut back any further. Though saying this I don’t really intend to nurse after two. So we will see…

And I am slowly learning don’t leave her alone with pens

why I should never turn my back on the felt pens

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  1. I stopped nursing Anna when she was 22 months and it was one of the hardest things both physically and emotionally. I rushed the process cause I just felt like it was mean letting her have it at one time but not another so I pretty much went from 3 sessions to 2 to none in a matter of a week. needless to say I was taking a lot of showers during that time to express some out so I wouldn’t just die lol. Anna handled it much better than I did. I was so worried about getting her to sleep without her milk but she took to it very quickly. I would say over the course of 3 days is all it took and those 3 days weren’t overly stressful. So whenever you decide to go all the way go SLOW lol. Don’t rush it like I did cherish every moment. I miss it SO much!

  2. LOL Sorry didn’t mean to write a short story!

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