Toddler Tuesday

Last week I started a toddler Tuesday where I come up with four different activities that I can do with both my kids that is age appropriate (so for a one and three year old). Charlie LOVED the water spray bottle idea and has numerous hours of fun outside with it (and inside with it until I caught him!!). The rocks in the bucket was also a success – both were activities that were continued after I lost interest too, so that was great that they could play without me (Lola couldn’t really make the water bottle spray but she loved the fact that she could follow Charlie around with her own bottle).

I haven’t yet done the color search with them or the fun with ice. I have forseen problems that may arise with the fun with ice for me already though so I may give this a miss. My kids will want me to open the bag and then I will have the colored water everywhere which will then maybe stain items and clothing.I don’t know, if someone else tries it and it works out let me know.

OK so for this week I am going to try

Toddler Sprinkler

Use a hammer and nail and poke holes into the bottom of a large plastic bottle. When you’re outside, fill the bottle with water and let your child sprinkle the grass, flowers, sidewalk, and so on.

Ice Blocks

Make an ice block by freezing water in a clean milk carton. If you like add a few drops of food coloring (not for me!) before freezing or drop in a few plastic toys (which I am going to do). Your child will enjoy playing with the block in the bath or outside in the pool (or on the grass on a summer day). As a variation, fill balloons with water, tie tightly, and freeze to make ice balls.

Painted toast – I may be asking for trouble with this, we’ll see!

Mix 2 tbs of milk with a few drops of food coloring in a small container. Use a clean paintbrush to paint designs or faces on the bread. Then toast the bread, butter it, and eat it, or use it to make sandwich.


Early Morning Fun

If your toddler is an early riser, you may love the sound of this idea as much as me! Before you go to bed at night, put two or three quiet toys, or games in a basket or small plastic crate. Be sure the items you choose are completely safe for your child to play with unsupervised. Place the basket in your toddler’s crib or besides her bed. The toys may keep her occupied long enough for you to make the coffee, have a shower, or just enjoy little extra sleep (this one gets my vote!). Though I intend to make a tub of special toys and keep it in my room. I will then have the kids play in my room whilst I get some extra sleep so I can keep half an eye on them at the same time.

Last week we did a fruit loop necklace as modeled by my son.

fruit loop boy

Both kids loved this, though Lola ate more than she beaded but at least it was safe for her to do so!

If anyone has any ideas for me, please let me know and I will try it out and write it here!

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  1. One to try………
    Smelly box

    * Aromatic substances- onion, vanilla essence, perfume, lemon peel, orange peel, soap, peanut butter, lavender, chocolate etc

    * Shoe box

    * Rubber bands

    * Drinking straws

    * Paper

    * Plastic bags

    * Coloured felt pens


    * Make 6 holes big enough to fit the drinking straws at intervals on the lid of the box.


    * Put 6 smelling substance in plastic bags

    * Attach the straws to the bags with rubber bands.

    * Place them in the box and put the straws through the holes.

    * Colour some small pieces of paper the colour of the substances
    * e.g. light brown or peanut butter, yellow for lemon peel to give clues and help discussion about the scents.

    * Let your children smell the different scents and then talk together about what they think they are, or what they remind them of.

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