And the worst mother of the year award goes to…..

Toddler heaven…….*boos* and me sobbing. Yes, it’s potty training again! I have been trying to potty train him for days now and he just won’t go in the potty (or on the toilet). He just keep going in his underwear and I lost it yesterday, shouting at him and putting him in his room for 20 mins until his Dad go home as I couldn’t trust my self to go near him. So Dad gets home, mum is sobbing, son crying in the room, shouting no potty, and his daughter walking round the house unaffected, looking like this is an everyday occurrence!At least now he will sit on the potty which is a move forward (he gets a sticker for this) and whilst he wants his animals down from the wall, he just won’t use the potty for them. We have a doll that pees on the potty and he loves that doll and he will help her pee and throw it away (that’s how I get him to the potty most of the time) he just won’t do it himself. I have the feeling he just needs to use it once and twice and we may be on our way but it is getting that once or twice. Today I will be calmer and see how it goes.
We are also trying got get in to sleep in his own room (and no-one tell me we are trying to do to much at one time, please…….I know this, we have just left everything until it cannot wait any longer – we need in him is own room as we just do and potty training has to be now as he starts pre-school soon). Anyway, following the horrible day was a horrible night. Charlie was up for 1.30 until 5.00 when eventually he left his room and climbed in our bed, I no longer had the strength to fight him. He was just stood at his door calling mummy, mummy, most of the time. I would just settle him or let him play in his room for a while and then begin all over again. Tonight we will try again and see how it goes…….but amazingly at least at night I was calm and loving with him (I think because I felt so awful from the day).

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  1. Oh, hang in there honey. I know it feels like a complete nightmare – and (((hugs))) for all of it, especially the night time bit as I know that is just awful – it will get better and when he’s 15 you can quite happily get him up at 5am! See how he likes it then….! You’re doing such a great job and both Charlie and Lola are gorgeous, happy and healthy kids. Keep doing what you’re doing and remember at least for the next couple of weeks you can have that well deserved break!
    Take lots of care. Hugs and kisses to Charlie and Lola.
    PS: You are so not the worst mother of the year! That is solely mine at the moment….! Think you’ll be reading about my daughter in years to come, she’s bound to be “one of those kids” that create mayhem and chaos and it’ll all be my fault….. Well time to work on the boy!

  2. Oh I hear ya! I’m trying to potty train my 2 1/2 year old and it isn’t going the best. He went twice in it a couple of days ago, but totally lost interest. He sleeps with me too. Are you sure we aren’t the same person?

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