Grandparents are in town!

The grandparents are here! I feel like the cavalry has arrived. They arrived very late Wednesday bringing Marmite (can you believe this word isn’t in the spell-check!!!), crisps, English chocolate with them for their daughter (only a very few of you will be able to appreciate what a gift this is!). And of course, a new wardrobe for the kids……………

Friday we took them to the Children’s museum. I have not been brave enough to take the two toddlers on my own and I was dying to find out how they would get on. I think I have been right not to take them on my own, as one ran one way and the other ran the other way. But they loved it! The parking lot at the zoo and museum was so packed we had to park 2 miles away and catch a bus which was a new adventure in its self and would NOT have been done if I had been on my own!

kids at water table

The favourite place being the grocery store. I was asked by my mum what sort of behaviour I participate in at the grocery store as my children pushed to the front of lines, stole food out of other peoples carts, and didn’t put food back where they got it………………….mmmmmmmmm I have no idea where they picked it up from!

grocery shop 5

grocery shop 4

grocery shop 3

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  1. I understand how you feel about trying to do things with no other adult help. I only have one little guy but sometimes he feels like more like three kids rolled into one. Now that we have the other baby….thankfully he is still sleeping alot, I might be able to do some stuff with Bug but not sure how long this will last.
    LOL. cute pictures of your kids and they look like they are having such a great time!

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