Wellness checkups

I had help with the Thursday morning doctor wellness checks from my mum (Charlie 3 and Lola 15 month/ 18 month) which would have been a total disaster without it. The kids were screaming and trying to run from the doctors office at any given chance! But with a runner (my mum) I was able to chat to the doctor in “relative peace”

Charlie height 40 inches weight 35 lbs (90% percentile)

Lola height 30 inches weight 21 lbs (approx 25% percentile)

I find it amazing that Charlie is so big for his age and Lola so small. They are both doing very well apart from their fear of doctors. The doctor suggested backing of from potty training for a little while, which we are now doing, and we also gave the kids lead testing blood tests. In light of all the toy recalls I just wanted to feel safe that they hadn’t been chewing on lead toys. It was horrific holding down your screaming kids for what felt like FOREVER, definitely worse than holding them down for quick shots. Would I do it again?, I don’t know, but for now I am grateful to know that they are lead free so I can sleep a littler easier……………

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