No TV still in effect…well sort of!

We have kept to the no TV for the kids EXCEPT lucky for them, it turns out the car Grandpa hired when he came over had a DVD player so they got to watch TV whenever they were in his car.

enjoying the dvd player in grandpa's car

Here they are watching Cars.

I have ocassionally broken down and let them watch a 30 mins show but not very often. It has been so hard especially on the us, the parents so I am very proud of us for keeping to it. I have noticed a big different in lots of areas (better, quieter, quality family time, dad plays with kids more (not that he didn’t play with them before but now even more), Charlie’s pretend play is so much better, I read more, the kids read more, I get more done, to name a few of the improvements I’ve seen) so that I am determined not to go back but yet I still look at the object in the corner with longing everyday………….

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