Struggling to find my groove back…….

It has been weeks since I blogged and now I am struggling to get back into it…….so taking the idea from my friend Running Stitch I thought I would start by posting some of the photos from my camping trip that we went on whilst my mom was here (by the way, I struggle with the “mom” thing and when I say that I mean the spelling!!!!……in England we spell and say “mum” whilst over here they say “mom” and I haven’t made up my mind which way I am going on this yet which is why I may change back and fro……..just clearing this up for all three of my readers LOL).

We went on a five day camping trip to Cottage Grove (somewhere near Eugene, OR!). Our campsite was on a lake, the weather was in the 90’s and it would have been a total relaxing week, that is if you didn’t take one three year and a sick one year old!

collecting firewood

nana collecting firewood with the kids

dad fishing

Dad fishing and relaxing

dad & charlie fishing

Charlie and Dad fishing but not relaxing……….

mom charlie & dad on the canoe

trying out our canoe. We brought this a while ago second hand and have been dying to try it out

dad & charlie on the canoe

We swam, well more got our legs wet, canoe-ed (is this a word?), the guys fished and the girls read a lot…………a awesome camping trip.

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