Bad day

Well yesterday was “one of those days”. One of those days you are determined will not get you down but it just keeps getting worse!!. My car broke down outside a busy strip mall. After a major panic attack of “OMG what am I going to do” I rang a friend. The bright side of this day, that my friends really came through. One friend managed to get me home and then get my son to school. I will be eternally grateful for this. Typically i was only running out for a quick errand. I didn’t have any diapers, the kids were in their play clothes, no snacks, etc. I guess the lesson learnt here, never just assume that everything will go to plan, always dress and pack for all events!!!

So my husband leaves work early to try and sort out my car, as we think it is just the starter. Dad planned to tow the car home with his truck……………….mmmmmmmmmmm, can you see where this story is going!!!  We were unable to get the towing together, we are braking at different times, I drive over the tow rope on  busy intersection, etc, you can see the picture of total choas, so in the end we leave it at a repairer. We are praying for the best!

I arrive for my first class trying to calm myself down after all this drama, but after first siting in the wrong class and then when I get to the right class I find out that the college bookstore told me the wrong book. So now I have no time to look for a second hand book, I have to buy new and I now have a second hand book to get rid of……..urghhhhhhhhh!

The day finished with a rum and coke and a bowl of sugar popcorn so at least it finished on a high note (that is if you count breaking my diet a high point but still…enjoyed it)

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  1. oh…I am so sorry to read about your day. It sounded so crummy. Glad that you had such good friends to help you out.

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