“I’m hiding”

I found this old post. I remember this stage well. I think it was about 6 months ago or so. I wanted to post it so I will always remember it. Lola now also likes to hide. They love to put things over there heads (yes I do hid the plastic bags!!!) and pretend they are ghosts……so cute!!!

Charlie has a thing about hiding. He hides (under blankets, empty baskets etc) and says “I’m hiding” He also likes to hide Lola (who doesn’t like to hide and doesn’t like a blanket over her head!). He then says “Lola hiding” or “where’s Lola’s gone?”, pulls back the covers and shouts “there she is” like he is a magician! He also likes us to hide, and frequently we will be subject to a basket being thrown over our heads, or something similar. It’s a game he enjoys, the rest of the family, not so much!!

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  1. this is tooo cute! Bug runs around and says “chase me!” or he covers his eyes and counts to 10 really fast and then says “eddy o no er I come!!!” (ready or not here I come) and he runs into the room I am in…I have not had a chance to hide yet…because I am either cooking, folding clothes, or picking up toys/other things. Toddlers are just so darn cute!!!

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