Smart Habit Saturday

It’s been awhile since I’ve participated in this but I thought it would be a great way to get back into my blog and also see how much I’ve let myself go over this break! Having to answer to Smart Habit Saturday actually kept me on track (well some!!!). I am going back to college to take a transfer degree. I have dreams of becoming a nutritionist but my local college doesn’t do that four year degree so I am taking the two year transfer degree (over three years) and I will see where life takes me. My maths wasn’t up to college level so at the moment I am taking a pre-algebra class and it totally sucks!!! But I am so excited to be at college………….I have had this dream since I left school 18 yes that right 18 years ago. I am not surprised that I have to take a math class first as I sucked at it 18 years ago and that was just high school level!!!

1. Floss – a habit

2. Looking after feet – I give them some attention at least weekly and that seems to be enough.

3. Drinking more water and one cup of milk daily – water OK, and I am doing pretty well on the milk, I drink some most days…….never opened up the blender though………..still the blender is there waiting and dreaming of being used for a smoothie

Eat at least 6 servings of fruit and veg a day – Some days great and other days not so great. On the whole I am better that before I started this goal on Smart Habit Saturday so I guess that is a success.……

5. Give up sugar popcorn – this is still a bad habit but usually only a once or twice a week bad habit

6. Write in my journal daily – still not a daily habit like I would prefer but I do write every other day or two and for now that is better than not doing it at all.

7. To start baking my own bread instead of buying it – I am making my own bread though not often enough not to have to buy some too.

8. Finding healthy, delicious, and filling breakfasts for my kids – well I went through lots of different things and I have now found something the kids like and I am happy with – they like the fruit and cream variety instant oatmeal. If I get really lucky the eat the fresh fruit on top too!

9. To continue writing food journal and start one for the kids – Never really got into this and in light of everything I have going on, this is being dropped for the time being.

and new for this week……………….

10. To keep on top of my homework, hand in my first assignment on time and do well at my first test on Thursday.

I have actually done a lot better than I thought. Hope everyone is still doing well in there “smart habits” and thanks to The Lazy Organizer for hosting.

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  1. oh! good luck with school!!!! i went back 3 years ago after taking 12 years off! you can totally do it. i just take one day, one assignment, one week, on semester at a time and it all adds up! i am so proud of you. i know how much time and effort it takes.

    i just came back to SMART saturdays too! it has really helped me in the past…your other habits sound great. i am interested in your baking bread – do you have a bread maker? i am thinking of buying one so that i do not have to purchase from the store but have no real idea where to start.

    have a great week – good luck on that test Thursday! I’ll think happy thoughts for you :O) ~jenn

  2. It’s good to have you back and it sounds like you’re doing great! How amazing that you are back in school after all those years. Did you graduate in 89? Me too!

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