Still here………

<>Tuesday October 2ndI am still alive and well just buried under lots and lots of maths homework. I’m sure its not too much to someone who likes and can do maths but to me who struggles with maths and have interruption from a one and three year (with colds..can you believe only one week into school and colds aready……..!). Anyway I think I was trying to run before I could walk and recently I decided to go back to the beginning and take it slow and so far it has been working for me. I am finally starting to get, its just now I am playing catch up! Struggling but happy is how I would describle me at the moment.

The house on the other hand…………train and wreck are two words that come to mind! But my husband has been great (not in doing any housework but in ignoring the mess and not making me feel bad!!!).

The kids are around here somewhere…………..

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  1. I love math, but I would feel the same way you do if it was English or Writing. My hubby doesn’t like math and I would help him when he was going to school. Just keep at it and you will get the hang of it.

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