Thanks hubby

Since I wrote Tuesdays post, I have to mention that my husband has been helping out with the housework. Since I wrote that post he has made dinner every night, done dishes and tidied up the kids toys……… you honey and appreciate you helping me get through this trying” time. He also helps me with my homework which is cool. I feel I am starting to make some progress with maths and hope things will start to find there balance soon.

I miss writing my blog regularly and I miss reading other people’s blogs. I miss the blogging community. Though I realise now that somethings had to go from my life to make room for studying…………….so goodbye TV (not totally………..Survivor is back on and Heros, duh!) and blog world!

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  1. Good Job to your husband. My husband would be the same way…and aren’t we lucky.
    As for the TV thing….Heros is a must to watch hu? LOVE that show!!!!

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