Uneventful weekend

No much to report for this weekend mum (i know you are now checking daily) so I thought I would write a brief weekend update for you (and for you mimi). Charlie broke a salsa bottle in Winco…….its so tough now he is big enough to walk around. He is in that age where he can’t be in the cart but yet really hasn’t got enough discipline to stick with the cart (or is that just my kid and my issue……mmmmmmmmm.) Could be worse Lola could be walking around too…….now that would be trouble!  Oh and he took a bite out of two different apples and stole (yes stole!!) a few grapes!!!

I am finally getting a grip in maths. This chapter I actually understood first time round………yeah me! I will learn to love maths if it kills me (and it possibly will). I now have a study partner (and not its not some young college boy LOL) so hopefully we will be able to help each other. She is coming over to me, so lets home Charlie and Lola give us some time to study or she may not be back!!!

<>I took Lola with me on friday to Charlie’s pre-school as it was my turn to help out. thought she would be a total nightmare but she wasn’t. She had her moments but on the whole she was very good and enjoyed her yourself. I was very proud of her. Came home with a migraine though…but must say Imitrex is turning out to be a total lifesaver!

have a great week everyone……………

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  1. Funny how when we think the kidlet will be bad they surprise us and are really good. But when we want them to be good they just can’t do it. LOL!

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