Happy Kisses xxxxx

The only thing better than having two hours on my own whilst Charlie is at pre-school and Lola is at daycare………….the screams of delight and happy kisses when I pick them up! I love that, plus after a couple of hours without them I am ready to get them again (ready to drop them off again after another couple of hours but that’s another story!).

The teacher at Charlie’s pre-school had a word with me when I picked up Charlie today. She wanted to talk to me about how Charlie cries when I leave him. Apparately the second I am out the door, he is waving goodbye out the window and off and playing with the other kids. And there was me feeling guilty at having to pry him of my leg………..! She said if I ever feel guilty again I just need to video tape him after I walk out the door. She said it is almost funny to watch………………..mmmmmmmm……………guilt gone!

I have to say though how much Charlie LOVES catching the school bus to his second pre-school. He is always asking if he can catch the bus today and he so happy when he sees the bus coming up the drive. Makes me feel happier about that decision. Plus the bus driver always gives him candy, well she gives it to me for him and I eat it………come on, I’m doing him a favor!!!

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  1. Lol, glad to hear I’m not the only one who eats my kids sweets!! Ella’s nanny (that would be Ian’s mum, not mine :o)!) gives her so many sweets that if she ate them all I’d be rolling her around, or peeling her off the ceiling!

  2. I know that Bug does the same thing when I drop him off at Nursery at church each sunday. I have watched it happen when he doesn’t know I am watching. LOL.
    And I ate all my son’s valentine candy…I know I will do it with his halloween candy! LOL!
    Glad that your kidlets are so happy to see you when you pick them up.

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