Veggie Update

Never have I’ve been so exicted about vegetables. Dad thinks I have lost my mind…….smiling like crazy at the dinnertable whilst everyone is eating. Though I am afraid that at any minute they will guess at the hidden goodness in their food and refuse to eat it! it appears that lack of vegetables may have been at the bottom of my son’s “bathroom issues”. He has gone every night for the last couple of nights………………..yeah yeah yeah! Only people who have kids with this issue can totally appreciate how happy I am right now.  So I am trying not to sink into mommy guilt(trying really really hard!!) and just try to enjoy the breakthrough. We are still going to do the laxative plan this weekend as we feel he still needs a good “clean out” but I am excited for the future bathroom habits of my son…………………….

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  1. I am happy to read that things are getting better. Yea. My son had really bad issues with constipation when he was on formula, and now from time to time he has issues but most of the time he is pretty good now adays. He sometimes will go 2 to 3 days between having a BM but it looks normal and he doesn’t have any problem going. At first this bothered me but as long has he is not struggling….I don’t worry about him not going daily. I do know that this is not the normal for most kids who don’t go on a daily basis….so I guess I am lucky.

  2. My husband found the secret to get my daughter to get lima beans! Coat them in shake n bake and tell her their are mini nuggets. Go figure! We do what we gotta do 🙂

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