SMART Habit Saturday

Here I am again…………..I seem to float in and out of my SMART Habits. But thank you to The Lazy Organizer for being there every time I feel I need to get my daily life goals on track and check in with myself to see how I am still doing.

1. Flossing – still a habit

2. Looking after feet – This one has gone to the wayside but hey its winter now, they probably won’t come out again till next summer anyway!

3. Drinking more water and one cup of milk daily – water OK but the daily milk never really took hold………………..but I am still hopeful that one day I will start making smoothies

4. Eat at least 6 servings of fruit and veg a day – Anyone who reads my blog knows that this one has definately taken effect! I put pureed vegetables in EVERYTHING now…… from the morning scrambled eggs, to lunch’s soup and to dinner……….

5. Give up sugar popcorn – this is still a bad habit but usually only a once or twice a week bad habit

6. Write in my journal daily – this one is now a daily habit and I am loving it. It feels like a treat and one that I am not giving up!

7. To start baking my own bread instead of buying it – I am making my own bread though not often enough not to have to buy some too.

8. Finding healthy, delicious, and filling breakfasts for my kids – the kids are still hooked on fruit oatmeal (haven’t hidden any veg in it yet……”yet” being the word!)

9. To continue writing food journal and start one for the kids – Never really got into this and in light of everything I have going on, this is being dropped for the time being.

10. To keep on top of my homework, hand in my first assignment on time and do well at my first test on Thursday – didn’t do too great on this test, only got a c+ but my overall grade for my class so far is a B so I am more than happy with this. Especially as I am finding it really hard and at the beginning of the year I would have just been happy to pass…….now I want at least a B.

and the new goal for this week…………

11. To have my dishes loaded in the dishwasher and the kitchen counters tidy before I go to bed at night. I use to be great at this and I have really let it slide lately…………and urghhhhh nothing worse than getting up in the morning to a kitchen full of dirty dishes and the kids screaming for breakfast, juices, etc etc……………..

……………this is my mission. Good luck to everyone else this week………..

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  1. Looks like your habits are going well. I feel out of habit with most of mine so I’m starting over – I miss my clean kitchen in the mornings. Have a great week!

  2. I seem to go to bed with a clean sink only half the time, but when i do it makes the next day so much better. Good luck.

  3. We bake about 16 loaves of bread a week at our house. With nine people in our family and company (my husband’s brothers) over to eat almost daily the bread gets eaten up pretty quickly. Have you looked at the new cookbook Deceptively Delicious? It sounds like it’s your kind of book!

  4. I so agree with getting the washer loaded and ready at night- nothing is worse than waking up to a sink full of dirty dishes!!!

  5. Great habits! I have a question for you about the pureed vegetables. Isn’t 1/2 cup of veggies one serving for one person? If that is all that’s going into a recipe for a whole family then it doesn’t seem like each person is really getting as much as they need. I’m sure it’s better than nothing though!

    My kids are so weird. They like vegetables but they won’t eat them in soup. I think soup is the best way to get vegetables! Actually I think they like them raw the best but I like them better cooked.

  6. oooh…I was nodding my head as I read each of your habits and thinking, “I need to work on this too!” It sounds like you are doing great and I admire you for being a mom AND doing homework! Good luck with the dishes! I really sleep better knowing that my kitchen is clean (though it doesn’t happen EVERY night). 😀

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