Internet Overload

I am beginning to get overwhelmed by the Internet. Blogging, facebooking (is this the correct term, I’m sure its not………?), researching everything from toddler snacks to health issues………….I could stay on here all day. But then when do you get the time to do the things that you found out about on the Internet??? I love it and couldn’t imagine life without it but at the same time how much more simple would life be without it? Though simpler staying in contact with love ones far far away would not be as easy,  through facebooking I am  getting to speak to my sister, mum and friends in England regularly which I wouldn’t trade for anything plus blogging lets me keep the memories and lets the people close to me stay close to my life despite all the miles. It all comes back to that horrible word “balance”. I say horrible as I can never seem to apply it to my life. Though my biggest downfall with the word “balance” is mistaking it for the words “doing it all”. Most days I am sane enough to realize I make this error as I am sure many, many people do and not punish myself mentally for this but other days not so good…………….

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  1. I agree completely. Balance is hard for me too!

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