Toddler Nature Bracelet

Today as it was a nice day we went for a nature walk around our home and we did this activity that I found at The kids had great fun with it but the bracelets didn’t make it home to the fridge I’m sorry to say!


Activity ~ Natural Bangle




  • Masking tape


  • Tear off enough to go around your child’s wrist with an overlap.
  • If they are left handed place on right wrist (and vice versa.
  • Sticky side out


  • Go for walk pick up small items like flowers, leaves, feathers, herbs and grasses.
  • Put on sticky part of sticky bangle.
  • Continue until the bracelet is covered.
  • Hang the bracelet up at home (fridge, door) or use it to make a picture

nature bangle 2

nature bangle

nature bangle 3

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  1. Hon, Charlie and Lola look sooo cute! What a great idea, lvoe it. Might give that one a try with Ella at the weekend.
    Take care, Kath.

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