Handprint Magnets

I go this idea from families first.com (running stitch you are going to LOVE this!).

These magnets make wonderful homemade presents and are sure to liven up any refrigerator!

What you Need:

rosshandprint.jpg (9744 bytes)

  • Poster Board
  • Scissors
  • Sticky backed magnet
  • Poster paint and a paint brush
  • Black permanent marker

What you do:

  1. Paint your right hand with poster paint and make a handprint on the poster board.  Do the same thing with your left hand.  Let the prints dry.
  2. Cut around the outside of both handprints.
  3. Write the possessive form of your name on one hand and something like “work” or “masterpiece” on the other hand.
  4. Put a piece of sticky-backed magnet on the back of each hand.
  5. Put these handprints on your refrigerator to hold up your school and art work for all to appreciate.

Can’t wait to do this and grandparents, if you ask santa really nicely, you might get one for christmas…………..!

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