Slow Recovery

So this is a whinney post about how awful I have felt due to a small surgery precedure on my finger. First I had to go to the hospital for the surgery, again though, it was just to remove a mass from my middle left finger so I am scared but no big deal, right. Then as I have a IV in each hand and am wheeled into the operating room I suddenly feel as if I am there for much more and start to panic….a little………a lot……aright, A LOT…lucky for me the sedative then kicked in and the next thing I know I am waking up and it is all over! I have to say though how nice the everyone was at the hospital so that helped me a little.
My husband had the day off to look after the kids anyway but as soon as we got home I realised that I couldn’t do a thing without the use of my left hand, which was totally bandaged up (forgot to take pic!). I found that I had greatly underestimated the use of the left hand when you are a right handed person. I couldn’t put my hair up, change a diaper, dress my kids, pick them up, etc etc you are getting the picture. PLus the pain meds made me soooooooo sick. I had the choice between being in pain or feeling sick! My husband ended up taking the next day of work and bless him he has tried to keep up, but then hey I know the drill and I find it an uphill struggle to stay on top of things around here. So last week I was on the sofa unable to move due to being sick (and I forgot to mention the migraines that hit too) or unable to help due to my hand….and all around me my house was slowly falling apart………

If I had known any of this I would have prepared better but I didn’t so I go back to the specialist on Tuesday and hopefully things will get back to normal around here soon………at least it is done I guess!

WARNING gross pic coming up. So this was the cut today when we were changing the bandage

finger after surgery

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  1. oh my gosh!!!!
    i am so sorry that you are hurting!!!
    i hope by the time you get this comment that things are better.

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