Bring Me

I found another great toddler activity at i can’t wait to do this with my two. I am trying to work on them tiding up after themselves, so this will start to prepare for that.

Activity ~ Bring Me




  • Large Bag


  • Think of items for your child to collect.


  • This thinking game is great for bonding with your child.
  • Ask them to bring you an object you choose. “Go get a toy train please.”
  • Say “Thank you”.
  • Talk about the objects. Choose any topic to speak about. (Colour, shape, size, function, texture) “Wow! Look at the blue train. It’s so small.”
  • Let them put it in the bag or ask them to give it to you.
  • Take the items out of the bad one at a time “Ok out comes the train first… Next the… “
  • Return it back to where it lives. “Now where does the small blue train stay?” Give prompts if needed – “On the table here? In a box… where?”

Good for: Language, Problem Solving, Description, Gross Motor

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Additional Comments:

  • Be specific about the object.
  • As they get used to this game or older children. Be more general and use categories. “Bring me a toy from…” “Bring me a peice of fruit…” “…Crayon.”
  • Play with a time limit so the children have to run.
  • With two or more children talk about different attributes of the same object “Long spoon – I use this for cereal in the morning. What do you use it for?” “Long spoon – silver and smooth. Can you see your face on it?” or get a similar object “Teaspoon – I can stir my tea. Can you stir your tea? I can measure my sugar to go in my tea. This is small and this one (point) is big.”

I tink this is a great learning exercise for toddlers. I will let you know how I get on………

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