I’m back……..

So I’m back after a vacation from blogging. With my hand surgery and having college finals in under two weeks I have been pretty busy but now feel the need to blog about my life again……….

Noone has been missing much. We had a quiet thanksgiving but it was nice. We all managed to have naps after our dinner which was very nice and something to be extremely grateful for!

Charlie has been off school for the last week (can you believe they had a week of for Thanksgiving……..!). He has been really missing it (and I have been mising it LOL.) Every day he asks me if he can go to school today. He doesn’t “get” the vacation thing.  Anyway look what he made at pre-school the week before.

charlie made this at school - I covered lolas real name......angel is the dog next door

I thought it was so cute (Angel is the dog next door that he adores…….I have covered up Lola’s real name). I was going to make one for Lola, but you know how it is………..never got around to it! Who knows one day……….still haven’t made the hand fridge magnets that I posted here a while ago. Again, something I must get around too soon………..after finals maybe………….

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