Its snowing…….

Sorry I have been so slack at my blog lately. For some reason I have lost motivation for it recently, well the whole internet actually even facebook…yes I know, devastating. Everyone I know at home in England is suddenly getting hooked on it even my mum (well she only went on to say hi to me but still…….) so maybe I will get back into it soon. Though I have my pre-college alegrebra finals in one week…..yes freaking out!

So today was the first snow of the season. Everything looks so beautiful.

first snow of the season

Was very excited until I realised that I need to get my finals out the way before I get snowed in. Plus Charlie has just started school again after the thanksgiving break and I don’t think he will understand or should I say tolerate another break so soon!

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  1. Good luck with your finals!

  2. hi there,

    I luv the photo you uploaded! 🙂 The dark background adds a good contrast to the snow covered ground.I must say the kids’ slide added an interesting “character” to it.Definitely,not something I get to see everday, even throughout the year…

    It doesnt snow in this part of the world Im currently in right now. Therefore,thanks for the sharing 🙂


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