Charlie sick

So my poor baby boy is sick with a fever of 103 and has been MISERABLE for the last two days. I hope he gets better soon as we have a trip planned to the zoo for him. Whilst I obviously feel sorry for my little boy I can’t help but feel envious…..why? I hear you ask….becasue it must be great to totally wallow in your sick time. That use to be me before kids, if I was sick I would baby myself and expect family and friends to do the same but not since kids …..and I miss that. Not only that but he can totally act the way he feels and not pretend to feel OK to the rest of the world……………he is taking everyone down with him and not one bit of remorse ……………….he acts the way sometimes I wish I could!

I hope he gets well soon for his sake and the rest of his family…………!

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  1. ooohhh poor Charlie – get well soon xxxx – know only too well at the moment how much fun having a sick 3 yr old can be!
    take care hon xxxxx

  2. My lil’ boy’s been to the zoo a couple of times,past few months and can never get tired of visiting the animals.

    I know how excited these boys can get about the zoo.Hope charlie gets well soon and enjoy his trip.


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