Naughty mommy

Whilst I know we all have bad parenting moments it always sucks when its in front of an audience! I helped out at pre-school recently (as I do twice a month) and now when I help out I always take Lola with me. Whilst she is a handful, she also gets a lot out of it and really enjoys it so I totally take advantage and take her. Charlie hardly acknowledges I exist there which I totally love as I am able to watch him interact with everyone else. He is growing up so fast and I am so proud of how social and well behaved he is………noone would ever believe how it is at home LOL

pre-school 3

Anyway, she was going through the phrase where she wanted to be held constantly and she was getting heavy. So I sit her on the edge of a table top (yes everyone can see where this is going…….don’t judge me you’ve all done something like it LOL) next to me whilst I watch that the boys don’t hurt each other with paper blocks. It goes well for ages until a fight over a block breaks out and without thinking I go to break it up………………you guessed it, the next thing I hear is screaming and the next thing I see is blood. The other parents tried to make me feel better but I did feel that I should have known better (or at least have pretended I knew better in front of parents who kids I am watching!). This is Lola 20 minutes or so later with her fat lip.

she fell of a table and onto the floor - thus the fat lip!

Sorry baby!

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