Christmas Picture

Christmas sort of crept on me this year and everything ended up in a last minute panic. I was trying to get a nice christmas picture of my kids but it didn’t come out as planned……..does anything when you are in a rush!

trying to get a xmas pic 2

trying to get xmas pic 3

The second one was the effect we wanted but we needed it to be lighter (so you could actually see my kids) but it didn’t happen. I also discovered that my printer no longer worked so I had to send them out to be printed. So in my rush I just picked a old pic of them…..this one

both home from a hard day at school 2

whilst I thought it was super cute especially as you could see the view from our home in it, the fact that lola was looking down made it a bad choice and I have to say I wasn’t happy with the quality of the pic from Walmart either. The moral of the story……………be more prepared next year!

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