I’m here…………under homework ……….somewhere!

For anyone still checking in from time to time, we are all still alive I am just extremely “bogged down” (is that even a word here in Amercia??.anyway most of my readers are in England………..most of my readers, sounds like I have a following, what I meant to say was for my readers  mum, my sis and Kath oh and Ruth I’m sure!LOL!) I digress……..I am bogged down with college work OMG sooooooooo much work! I have a 7 minute speech in front of the class (yes OMG I think I am going to be sick!), a 5 page argumentative paper, a 10 page research paper, 3 tests and 3 pieces of two page homework essays that needs to be done English in the next three weeks…yes 3 WEEKS! Then to move onto immediate algebra……..really, do I need to say more! Though the tragedy is I always remembered from my school days (though we are talking 18 years ago now………the memory could be a bit foggy) that I loved english and hated maths. This is not the case at present, English is giving me the harder time though mainly for the fact that there is just SO MUCH OF IT. Now if I could foster my kids out for the next 9 weeks…………..yes 9 weeks and counting till finals……………’m sure I would pass with flying colours!

So please bear with me…………..if not before I will update end of March after finals……….only kidding……….I think!

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  1. Lol hon, no worres at all! Thought it was the case. Sorry not called for a few days, we’ve all been sick and sleep has just been too much of a priority!! Take care of yourself, very important for those brain cells! Huge thank you again for my Xmas present. There is something on the way for the kids….. due with you guys on the 18th. I hope you haven’t already gone out and got it……
    Take care, speak soon. Hope you are all okay.
    Miss you.

  2. Your amazing! I can not believe the workload you have on top of being a dedicated stay at home mommy and you do it all with no TV. Hats off to you! You are awesome!!

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