Pre-school “incident”

A few weeks ago, whilst I was helping out at pre-school, my son fell. This is a normal occur for my three year but this time a chair happened to be right in front of him. I saw it happen and I remember thinking “on my god the chair”. Charlie knocked his front tooth right out. I would like to say that I acted calmly like any parent should in these situations but the amount of blood and screaming from my son put me in a panic. Luckily for me the other parents were able to act camly and the dentist round the corner rushed him straight in. Charlie had manged to knocked the tooth cleanly out so the dentist didn’t have to remove any root and thankfully the other teeth have not been knocked loose. Apparately you can have the tooth placed back in but I knew it would be more ordeal than Charlie could handle right then. Though it wasn’t until someone mentioned it later that I realised Charlie will now have this look for many years to come.

bpp 138

still cute I know….

This pic was taken minutes before he fell. My last pic of Charlie with two front teeth for what i expect to be many years……..

pre-school just prior to tooth incident

Just another day in motherhood………

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