Berries, berries everywhere

This summer we have been picking lots of blueberries and blackberries. We have a blueberry u pick a few miles from our home and we have been enjoying that. The kids eat them, ride sticks like horses and look for bugs while I pick. I don’t mind them not helping but when they eat the blueberries out of my bucket instead of the 4 acres of blueberries surrounding them…….slightly annoying!!!

We have lots of blackberries on our field so we don’t have to go far for blackberries but here are some tips for blackberry picking…….

1. don’t take a dog that loves them and eats them faster than you can pick them

2. don’t take kids who pick them just to feed to the dog “because he loves them”

3. and finally don’t wear shorts………….

Now what to do with the berries………

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