Flying to England

The kids are lucky enough that our local hardware store rings when they have empty washing machines available (and I say lucky becuase you try getting big empty boxes from stores…for whatever reason they won’t do it anymore). We ll we now have four, two have been made into a well used fort that gets decorated with stickers and the two newest additions have been used for many things.

1. It was my sister’s birthday recently who lives in England and the kids, especially Charlie wanted to go to her birthday party so one of the boxes became there rocket ship. We took the box outside as it was a windy day and he was convinced that the wind was going to pick them up and fly them to England (yes they have watched Mary Poppins). He asked put their life jackets as “they might crash into the ocean and lola can’t swim yet”…….good thinking buddy!

2. They are zoo animals and the boxes are their enclosures.

3. The boxes were they new homes and “could they sleep in them?”

4. While sat in a box together the other day (not sure what it was at this stage) I heard the following conversation

Charlie “Lola you are my best friend”

Lola “I love you”

Charlie “I love you too”


I am sure many different uses will come out of them and I will try and update as many as I can remember.

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