Summer is nearly over

I regret not coming back to the blog much earlier as the summer is nearly over and it seems to have passed and I am not sure what happened! So I am going to try and briefly recap now before the crazy Fall schedule starts and I really forget EVERYTHING!

We enjoyed the free lunch program in the park a lot where we meet up with different friends over the summer and played in the park and also went to the outdoor pool. This year we spent most  of our time in the big pool with life vests. Charlie loved it but lola would have preferred the toddler pool but as usual she loses out to what big brother wants! We intended to do swim lessons but for many reasons that didn’t work out for us, two of the main reasons being car problems and skins “issues” was it impetigo, a bacterial infection or chicken poxes….we may never know…and now who really cares!!

We went to storytime at the local library and borrowed many, many different books and movies over the summer. We also visited the zoo.

The rest of the time was filled with play dates with playgroup friends………

ahhhhhhhh happy memories of summer

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