Bring me update

We did the bring me game that I posted about and it didn’t work out quite as I planned. The kids decided they were going to pick up what they wanted and not what I told them! They did however, tell me the objects  they where putting in the bag ie ball, car, etc etc. They also really really enjoyed themselves……………they weren’t too big on putting the things back where they found them though!

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Bring Me

I found another great toddler activity at i can’t wait to do this with my two. I am trying to work on them tiding up after themselves, so this will start to prepare for that.

Activity ~ Bring Me




  • Large Bag


  • Think of items for your child to collect.


  • This thinking game is great for bonding with your child.
  • Ask them to bring you an object you choose. “Go get a toy train please.”
  • Say “Thank you”.
  • Talk about the objects. Choose any topic to speak about. (Colour, shape, size, function, texture) “Wow! Look at the blue train. It’s so small.”
  • Let them put it in the bag or ask them to give it to you.
  • Take the items out of the bad one at a time “Ok out comes the train first… Next the… “
  • Return it back to where it lives. “Now where does the small blue train stay?” Give prompts if needed – “On the table here? In a box… where?”

Good for: Language, Problem Solving, Description, Gross Motor

Submitted by:

Additional Comments:

  • Be specific about the object.
  • As they get used to this game or older children. Be more general and use categories. “Bring me a toy from…” “Bring me a peice of fruit…” “…Crayon.”
  • Play with a time limit so the children have to run.
  • With two or more children talk about different attributes of the same object “Long spoon – I use this for cereal in the morning. What do you use it for?” “Long spoon – silver and smooth. Can you see your face on it?” or get a similar object “Teaspoon – I can stir my tea. Can you stir your tea? I can measure my sugar to go in my tea. This is small and this one (point) is big.”

I tink this is a great learning exercise for toddlers. I will let you know how I get on………

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Handprint Magnets

I go this idea from families (running stitch you are going to LOVE this!).

These magnets make wonderful homemade presents and are sure to liven up any refrigerator!

What you Need:

rosshandprint.jpg (9744 bytes)

  • Poster Board
  • Scissors
  • Sticky backed magnet
  • Poster paint and a paint brush
  • Black permanent marker

What you do:

  1. Paint your right hand with poster paint and make a handprint on the poster board.  Do the same thing with your left hand.  Let the prints dry.
  2. Cut around the outside of both handprints.
  3. Write the possessive form of your name on one hand and something like “work” or “masterpiece” on the other hand.
  4. Put a piece of sticky-backed magnet on the back of each hand.
  5. Put these handprints on your refrigerator to hold up your school and art work for all to appreciate.

Can’t wait to do this and grandparents, if you ask santa really nicely, you might get one for christmas…………..!

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Toddler Nature Bracelet

Today as it was a nice day we went for a nature walk around our home and we did this activity that I found at The kids had great fun with it but the bracelets didn’t make it home to the fridge I’m sorry to say!


Activity ~ Natural Bangle




  • Masking tape


  • Tear off enough to go around your child’s wrist with an overlap.
  • If they are left handed place on right wrist (and vice versa.
  • Sticky side out


  • Go for walk pick up small items like flowers, leaves, feathers, herbs and grasses.
  • Put on sticky part of sticky bangle.
  • Continue until the bracelet is covered.
  • Hang the bracelet up at home (fridge, door) or use it to make a picture

nature bangle 2

nature bangle

nature bangle 3

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Toddler Activity – Autumn Plate Mats

Found this activity at Family Fun and thought it would be great to do with my kids. We have leaves everywhere……………..


Glue or glue stick

Construction paper

Acrylic paint and brushes

Con-Tact paper




Time needed: Under 1 Hour

1. Start with a pile of leaves, some energetic kids and a camera. After the pictures are developed, pick one that captures the spirit of the day and glue it onto a place mat-sized piece of paper.
2. Decorate the border with drawings or leaf prints (lightly paint the back of a leaf with acrylic paint, then press onto the paper).
3. Once dry, laminate with clear Con-Tact paper or, for about $3 each, splurge and have the place mats professionally laminated at a copy shop.

I will let you see the pics when we are done…………….

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Making Playdoh

We made playdoh today with a Lola friendly recipe (which means safe to go into the mouth!)
<>1/2 c quick oats

<>1/4 c water

1/4 cup flour

they loved making it more than they wanted to play with it. Messy but they had lots of fun…

making playdoh 1

making playdoh 2

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Toddler Tuesday

As I am very busy this week, what with grandparents being in town and also a five day camping trip in a few days………..yes that is right a 5 day camping trip with a one and three year and a canoe…………..mmmmmmmmmmmm, interesting! I am sure I will have stuff to write about when we get back! So I am going to cheat a bit this week and instead of writing four different toddler freindly activites I will give you a couple of links to some great sites that I found.


Kids Craft Weekly 

Hope you find some great activities…………… for me I will be packing!

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Toddler Tuesday

Last week I started a toddler Tuesday where I come up with four different activities that I can do with both my kids that is age appropriate (so for a one and three year old). Charlie LOVED the water spray bottle idea and has numerous hours of fun outside with it (and inside with it until I caught him!!). The rocks in the bucket was also a success – both were activities that were continued after I lost interest too, so that was great that they could play without me (Lola couldn’t really make the water bottle spray but she loved the fact that she could follow Charlie around with her own bottle).

I haven’t yet done the color search with them or the fun with ice. I have forseen problems that may arise with the fun with ice for me already though so I may give this a miss. My kids will want me to open the bag and then I will have the colored water everywhere which will then maybe stain items and clothing.I don’t know, if someone else tries it and it works out let me know.

OK so for this week I am going to try

Toddler Sprinkler

Use a hammer and nail and poke holes into the bottom of a large plastic bottle. When you’re outside, fill the bottle with water and let your child sprinkle the grass, flowers, sidewalk, and so on.

Ice Blocks

Make an ice block by freezing water in a clean milk carton. If you like add a few drops of food coloring (not for me!) before freezing or drop in a few plastic toys (which I am going to do). Your child will enjoy playing with the block in the bath or outside in the pool (or on the grass on a summer day). As a variation, fill balloons with water, tie tightly, and freeze to make ice balls.

Painted toast – I may be asking for trouble with this, we’ll see!

Mix 2 tbs of milk with a few drops of food coloring in a small container. Use a clean paintbrush to paint designs or faces on the bread. Then toast the bread, butter it, and eat it, or use it to make sandwich.


Early Morning Fun

If your toddler is an early riser, you may love the sound of this idea as much as me! Before you go to bed at night, put two or three quiet toys, or games in a basket or small plastic crate. Be sure the items you choose are completely safe for your child to play with unsupervised. Place the basket in your toddler’s crib or besides her bed. The toys may keep her occupied long enough for you to make the coffee, have a shower, or just enjoy little extra sleep (this one gets my vote!). Though I intend to make a tub of special toys and keep it in my room. I will then have the kids play in my room whilst I get some extra sleep so I can keep half an eye on them at the same time.

Last week we did a fruit loop necklace as modeled by my son.

fruit loop boy

Both kids loved this, though Lola ate more than she beaded but at least it was safe for her to do so!

If anyone has any ideas for me, please let me know and I will try it out and write it here!

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Toddler Tuesday

Had another disaster art and craft session with the kids, well I should say toddlers, as I keep forgetting this fact! Who in there right mind would think that glue, sand, dried beans, kool-aid and toddlers would be anything but a nightmare waiting to happen………….and they didn’t disappoint! Craft session – 10 minutes. Clear up – 1 hour! We had to have baths and long ones for the kool-aid to come off their skin, I had to wash the high chair cover, hose down the chair outside and clean the mats under their chairs, etc etc………………….alright so I am finally learning my lesson………..I think! Here is a pic of Charlie artwork…..

Charlie artwork

and Lola’s

lola artwork

The problem is I am too keen to do craft work with them (I have two large storage bins of stuff that I am saving for arts and crafts ie paper towels tubes, cereal boxes, juice cartons, egg boxes etc etc) that I keep jumping ahead of myself (and them!). So it is time to slow down and think before we start so from now on Tuesday is going to be my day when I find four activities that I intend to do with the kids this week and I think writing down will make me think about it before I do it…………………..or at least one of my friends can write what are you thinking about!!! So feel free to pass on any ideas…………..age appropriate, of course!

Here are the four for this week, taken from ataleoftwotots, she has lots of great ideas and I am hoping that she will join me in this Toddler Tuesday?? Save me having to steal all her ideas (luckily she is one of my closest friends so I don’t think she minds…….????LOL). Most of these are outdoor activies but this works for us as most of the time we are outside anyway!

Spraying water and wiping
A water sprayer, a cloth and access to windows or other surfaces to clean can be a popular summertime activity.

Fun with Ice:

Add food coloring to water and put in ice cube trays. When frozen put in a plastic bag and let your child watch the colors blend

Rock Waves:

Collect various size rocks. Show your child how to drop them in a bucket of water to see the splash. Drop it up high and down low. Watch how little rocks and big rocks make different splashes. – This should be a hit seeing as their two faourite things in the world right now are rocks and water!

Color Search:

Take a colored piece of paper or color on paper yourself. Show it to your child and tell him your going to have a hunt. Go around the house together looking for items in the same color. Carry a paper bag or basket to collect items. If they don’t fit in the bag, simply point them out. Once your child knows their colors you can have them dig through the bag and have them match items and set them on the corresponding colored paper.

I will let you know how it works out…………….and maybe with pics…..!

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Blogger envy

Well I am struggling with my blog these days as it seems I am struggling with self esteem issues in the blogging area! I read so many great blogs that when it comes turn to write my own, I have nothing that compares and that makes me not want to write.I have to keep reminding myself why I write this blog and mainly it is to keep my family and close friends part of our lives. Also I want to make this into a blog book so I have a keep sake of my kids growing up and all the day to day memories that would be forgotten over time. This is why I blog and that’s what I have to remember (or maybe I should just stop reading other great blogs!!!).

I tried to get the kids to help with the housework today and things didn’t go to well!I read somewhere you should get the kids to help mop…………….they probably meant kids older than one and two…………….it took me longer to clean up the mess and change their clothes than it would have to mop the entire house. Though Lola is a great little duster.

a toddler's work is never done!

My thoughts and prayers go out to everyone back in my hometown in Gloucestershire, England. They are going through the worst flooding in Gloucestershire’s history and are without water. My mom’s house has a few inches of water in it and the rest of my family are without water.Thinking of you all and I do know what you are going through as we were without water AND Electric for four days in the depth of winter………………it sucks. I hope everyone gets through it OK

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