For the love of cookie dough

Today we made cookies and the best part for the kids is licking the bowl…… obviously cookie dough was all over their faces. I turned around today to see Lola licking Charlie’s face.What can I say….she LOVES cookie dough lol……

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Summer is nearly over

I regret not coming back to the blog much earlier as the summer is nearly over and it seems to have passed and I am not sure what happened! So I am going to try and briefly recap now before the crazy Fall schedule starts and I really forget EVERYTHING!

We enjoyed the free lunch program in the park a lot where we meet up with different friends over the summer and played in the park and also went to the outdoor pool. This year we spent most  of our time in the big pool with life vests. Charlie loved it but lola would have preferred the toddler pool but as usual she loses out to what big brother wants! We intended to do swim lessons but for many reasons that didn’t work out for us, two of the main reasons being car problems and skins “issues” was it impetigo, a bacterial infection or chicken poxes….we may never know…and now who really cares!!

We went to storytime at the local library and borrowed many, many different books and movies over the summer. We also visited the zoo.

The rest of the time was filled with play dates with playgroup friends………

ahhhhhhhh happy memories of summer

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Flying to England

The kids are lucky enough that our local hardware store rings when they have empty washing machines available (and I say lucky becuase you try getting big empty boxes from stores…for whatever reason they won’t do it anymore). We ll we now have four, two have been made into a well used fort that gets decorated with stickers and the two newest additions have been used for many things.

1. It was my sister’s birthday recently who lives in England and the kids, especially Charlie wanted to go to her birthday party so one of the boxes became there rocket ship. We took the box outside as it was a windy day and he was convinced that the wind was going to pick them up and fly them to England (yes they have watched Mary Poppins). He asked put their life jackets as “they might crash into the ocean and lola can’t swim yet”…….good thinking buddy!

2. They are zoo animals and the boxes are their enclosures.

3. The boxes were they new homes and “could they sleep in them?”

4. While sat in a box together the other day (not sure what it was at this stage) I heard the following conversation

Charlie “Lola you are my best friend”

Lola “I love you”

Charlie “I love you too”


I am sure many different uses will come out of them and I will try and update as many as I can remember.

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Berries, berries everywhere

This summer we have been picking lots of blueberries and blackberries. We have a blueberry u pick a few miles from our home and we have been enjoying that. The kids eat them, ride sticks like horses and look for bugs while I pick. I don’t mind them not helping but when they eat the blueberries out of my bucket instead of the 4 acres of blueberries surrounding them…….slightly annoying!!!

We have lots of blackberries on our field so we don’t have to go far for blackberries but here are some tips for blackberry picking…….

1. don’t take a dog that loves them and eats them faster than you can pick them

2. don’t take kids who pick them just to feed to the dog “because he loves them”

3. and finally don’t wear shorts………….

Now what to do with the berries………

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Welcome Back

So I was decided to come back and have a look at my old blog the other day and I realized how much I liked it and was disappointed that I have not kept to it. All those lost memories and moments with the kids……so I thought hey I will continue starting now so I don’t lose anymore special moments…….so welcome back…….

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what’s in a name????????

I guess I never thought too far ahead when I came up with my blog name. Well to be honest I never thought I would keep going this long but I no longer have two toddlers. I have one pre-schooler and a little girl who is growing up fast……………… do I keep the same name or change it??????? something to ponder…….any ideas anyone?????

Guess I should change my background too as it is no longer christmas………..

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Merry Christmas

A real christmas miracle happened this morning, the kids stayed in bed till almost 8am (as opposed to the normal 5.30) and then to top it of they were good all morning! No arguing (well not much…this is real life after all, not a movie!!!) and no temper tantums.

xmas morn 1

Santa came and gave them lots of gifts, Charlie loved everything that Lola got and Lola was happy with whatever she was given. Then came the snow………..

white xmas 1

white xmas 3

A merry christmas everyone……….

oh and dad loved his gift………….

xmas eve 5

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Charlie sick

So my poor baby boy is sick with a fever of 103 and has been MISERABLE for the last two days. I hope he gets better soon as we have a trip planned to the zoo for him. Whilst I obviously feel sorry for my little boy I can’t help but feel envious…..why? I hear you ask….becasue it must be great to totally wallow in your sick time. That use to be me before kids, if I was sick I would baby myself and expect family and friends to do the same but not since kids …..and I miss that. Not only that but he can totally act the way he feels and not pretend to feel OK to the rest of the world……………he is taking everyone down with him and not one bit of remorse ……………….he acts the way sometimes I wish I could!

I hope he gets well soon for his sake and the rest of his family…………!

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Slow Recovery

So this is a whinney post about how awful I have felt due to a small surgery precedure on my finger. First I had to go to the hospital for the surgery, again though, it was just to remove a mass from my middle left finger so I am scared but no big deal, right. Then as I have a IV in each hand and am wheeled into the operating room I suddenly feel as if I am there for much more and start to panic….a little………a lot……aright, A LOT…lucky for me the sedative then kicked in and the next thing I know I am waking up and it is all over! I have to say though how nice the everyone was at the hospital so that helped me a little.
My husband had the day off to look after the kids anyway but as soon as we got home I realised that I couldn’t do a thing without the use of my left hand, which was totally bandaged up (forgot to take pic!). I found that I had greatly underestimated the use of the left hand when you are a right handed person. I couldn’t put my hair up, change a diaper, dress my kids, pick them up, etc etc you are getting the picture. PLus the pain meds made me soooooooo sick. I had the choice between being in pain or feeling sick! My husband ended up taking the next day of work and bless him he has tried to keep up, but then hey I know the drill and I find it an uphill struggle to stay on top of things around here. So last week I was on the sofa unable to move due to being sick (and I forgot to mention the migraines that hit too) or unable to help due to my hand….and all around me my house was slowly falling apart………

If I had known any of this I would have prepared better but I didn’t so I go back to the specialist on Tuesday and hopefully things will get back to normal around here soon………at least it is done I guess!

WARNING gross pic coming up. So this was the cut today when we were changing the bandage

finger after surgery

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Amish friendship bread

One of my “things” at the moment is wanting to get to know my neighbourhood and build that community feel for my family. Whilst we have lived here for a couple of years now we haven’t really taken the time to get to know the town, its history, its people, the local plants, animal, insects etc etc. Now I am spending time in the town with Charlie’s pre-school it has made me realise that i want to “belong” here. So that was my mission…….one that I hadn’t done anything about until my friend Running Stitch handed me a amish friendship bread starter kit. I looked it up online and whilst some people are calling it the “kitchen chain letter” and apparately are feeling the pressure of having to watch a bag of batter for 10 days before they can cook it, I thought it was a wonderful idea and am fully embracing the idea. It is totally delicious and tomorrow I am taking it to the neighbours!!!! here are some details and the recipe……….thought about sending it over to England but not sure how it would work out. Have read horror stories about it exploding if left for a long time and I wouldn’t want to explain that to the postal service!

Amish Friendship Bread

This is more than a recipe – it’s a way of thinking. In our hi-tech world almost everything comes prepackaged and designed for instant gratification. So where does a recipe that takes ten days to make fit in? Maybe it’s a touch stone to our past – to those days not so very long ago when everything we did took time and where a bread that took 10 days to make was not as extraordinary as it seems today.

The recipe comes to us from Mrs. Norma Condon of Los Angeles. Amish Friendship Bread is a great bread for the holidays. When you’ve made your bread, you can give your friends a sample and the starter that made it! Then your friends can make their own and pass it along to their friends. This is why the bread is called “friendship bread”. It makes a great homemade birthday and Christmas present. Church groups and hospitals have spread a lot of love and cheer by making Amish Friendship Bread for their members. Many people make it regularly just because it tastes so good!

Amish Friendship Bread is a genuine starter bread. If you know someone with a starter, you are in luck. For those of you without access to a starter, we’ve done our research and found a great option. It’s a special starter in powder form that can be activated with flour and water; it’s safe, very inexpensive and we can send it to you.

Starter for Amish Friendship Bread (G-110)

The Recipe

Amish Cinnamon Friendship Bread

Important Tips:

  • Do not use a metal bowl or spoon for mixing (see my note about this below)
  • Do not refrigerate.
  • It is normal for batter to thicken, bubble, or ferment

Day 1: You receive the fermented batter in a 1 gallon ziploc bag. Do Nothing. Just place the bag on the kitchen counter.

Day 2: Squeeze the bag several times.

Day 3: Squeeze the bag several times.

Day 4: Add 1 c. of flour, 1 c. of sugar, 1 c. of milk. Squeeze bag.

Day 5: Squeeze the bag several times.

Day 6: Add 1 c. each flour, sugar, and milk. Squeeze bag.

Day 7: Squeeze bag several times.

Day 8: Squeeze bag several times.

Day 9: Squeeze bag several times.

Day 10: In a large, non-metal bowl, combine batter with 1 c. each flour, sugar, and milk. Mix with a wooden spoon. Pour four 1-cup starters into individual gallon ziploc bags. Give away starters to friends with this set of directions. It is important to follow this sequence exactly.

To the remaining batter add:

  • 1 c. canola oil
  • 1 c. sugar
  • 1 t. vanilla
  • 3 eggs
  • 1 1/2 t. baking powder
  • 1 t. salt
  • 2 c. flour
  • 1/2 c. milk
  • 1/2 t. baking soda
  • 1 large box of instant vanilla pudding
  • 2 t. cinnamon

In separate bowl, mix 1 t. cinnamon and 3 T. sugar. Sprinkle into well-greased loaf pans and coat the sides with sugar mixture. Do not use Pam or other non-stick spray. Bake at 350° for 1 hour or until done.


Banana Bread:

  • 1 box instant banana pudding
  • 1 mashed banana
  • 2 handfuls of nuts

Chocolate Bread:

  • 1 box of instant choc. pudding
  • 1 T. cocoa
  • 2 handfuls of chocolate chips

We will see how the neighbours take to it!!! As for me, I will hve delicious amish bread every 10 days. Not sure how long it will be before I run out of friends and neighbours to get a starter kit to, at a rate of 3 starters kits to hand out every 10 days. My town has less than 2000 people, we are going to be over run with amish bread………………..!

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