Week in Review

We had a good week. I felt a lot better this week which made a huge improvement to my life.

Charlie had his school pic taken Monday but we have yet to see the finished product. We had to vote for a new school president (no I didn’t put my name forward)
Got another B on my Math test and a A on my homework.

Charlie was a lion and Lola a horse for halloween. They went to a local retirement home with Charlie’s pre-school and a halloween party in the evening.

My car is at the repairer and is still there. So Charlie had to miss school friday and we had to miss playgroup………………..I miss my car!

Weekend very quiet……………..wow this week in review is actually really boring when I post every day. We will see how it goes…………

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Week in Review

I thought I would start a weekly review for you. Keep you up todate on all the little things that happened this last week……….

Charlie had a another doctors appointment Monday and another x-ray found him still “backed up”. We have had him on laxatives and a enema this weekend but with little success. Our doctor is going to refer him to a stomach doctor Monday.

I was so sick all week, I kept getting migraines every day. Thankfully I had my migraine tablets which work like a dream so I was able to function but as soon as they wore of, there was the migraine. This wasn’t normal for me and I wondered what was going on. I knew it had started after I had had a temporary crown put on so I rang the dentist. It turns out that the crown had a high point on it, meaning all the pressure of me eating talking, bitting down went on one area of my mouth rather than being divided between all my teeth. He said this can sometimes cause migraines in people………….turns out he was right!! He fixed it and despite now having a cold, no more migraines!

Had a physical checkup and smear (whilst I had a migraine………..which actually is better as you don’t really care about the smear becuase your head hurts too much!). We have just moved to a new doctor and this one seems really nice. He is willing to sign of on massages to our flexible savings plan insurance so you got to love that!

Charlie had another great week at school. I love the fact that he loves going so much

We had a fun family day out to the pumpkin patch.

Thats all I can remember. Well I say that but despite being extremely sick I remembered to enjoy most every hug and kiss and to enjoy their little quirks. Lola has to copy EVERYTHING Charlie does and it is so cute, Charlie just loves to be held, chased and sat with and read stories, he loves to re-inact his favourite film of the moment “Flushed way”…….yes he is watching TV again (I will work on it OK….)I am also going to do a “week in preview” coming up shortly…………..

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