Weekly Preview

The end of one week brings the beginning of another…….and one week nearer to christmas!

Fingers crossed I get my car back Tuesday or Wednesday

I have minor surgery on my finger Wednesday. Dad has the day of work to look after the kids and pick me up as I won’t be able to drive.

That’s it for now……………

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New Week Preview

So not only have I started a weekly review but I also have a weekly preview. I like to keep family and friends in the loop! We will see how long it continues……….probably till I get bogged down with college work again. Anyway, here is what my week is looking like……….

We will be getting a referral for Charlie this week but we don’t know when we will be seeing him yet. I am guessing soon though.
I will be doing blood work at the hospital Wednesday, as I have minor surgery on my middle finger on my left hand next week.

Charlie is having his first official school photos taken on Monday. The first of many school pics I am sure. Its a shame I can’t get Lola into the photo too (as I embarrassed to say she has never had a professional pic taken!)

We have a halloween party to go to on Wednesday evening. Lola is a horse and Charlie is a ladybug………..we have been having “discussions” as to whether this is too girly for Charlie……..the final verdict has not been determined yet.

We have all the “normal” stuff too, like Charlie’s pre-schools, playgroup, I have college, etc etc.

I have been told that my crown is in at the dentist so I will be having another appointment for that…………….not sure if I am ready to go back to the dentist yet though………

You will be able to find out what happened next week on my week in review.

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